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  • FREE Webinar Training For High-Stakes Sales Professionals.

  • How to Leverage
    Hidden Opportunities In The Post-pandemic To
    Ethically Sell More...
    While Working LESS !

    This FREE 15 Minute Training Reveals 3 Little-Used Secrets That Are Helping Medical Sales & Other High-stakes Sales Reps To Generate Jaw-Dropping Sales Increases Without Resorting To High-pressure or Sleazy Sales Tactics

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    High-stakes & Medical Sales Expert

    Mace Horoff

    Mace Horoff is an expert at medical and high-stakes sales where buying decisions can literally be life & death. The strategies and tactics that he teaches to influence the most resistant buyers in the world will work for you too. No matter what you sell, this disruptive sales approach allows you to sell more when you know how to raise the stakes, and in the post-pandemic era, the stakes have never been higher!

    In this training you'll learn how to create new sales opportunities for your products and services by making them relevant to the prospect's specific situation. This will not only multiply your opportunity for sales; you'll sell more in less time.


    What You Will Learn In This Free Training:

    How To Create High-Stakes Need For Your Product

    What do you do when your product or service isn't a priority for your prospects? You raise the stakes! I'll show you how to do that during this presentation.

    How To Leverage Crisis & Change For Consistent Sales

    Most salespeople use crisis and change as an excuse for poor sales. The best salespeople adapt to current conditions and create relevant opportunities.

    How to Shorten The Sales Cycle to Sell More In Less Time

    High-stakes buyers don't have the time or patience for long, drawn-out sales pitches. I'll show you how to get to the point and get to the sale with prospects.

    During This Free 15 Minute Training, You Will Learn:

    The secret to building sales relationships to drive business in a changed world.

    The basis of the sales relationship has changed over the years, but COVID has redefined it even more. I’ll break down the sales relationship and show you what to focus on to build relevant relationships now.

    Why selling to High-stakes buyers requires a non-generic, non-intuitive sales approach..

    Your #1 asset when selling in a high-stakes world is distinction. This means you must be distinctly different from your competition and clearly differentiate your product in a sea of sameness. I’ll peel back the curtain to reveal a disruptive strategy that allows you to get attention and stand out.

    How the perception of salespeople in high-stakes markets has shifted and how to use this to your advantage.

    Many of your prospects have gone months without interruptions from salespeople during COVID. Guess what? They like it! This is bad news for your competition, but it is good news for you once you know how to use it to your advantage.

    The too common thing most sales reps do that makes prospects stop listening and how to prevent this from ever happening to you again.

    Is the favorite part of your job getting in front of customers and talking about your product? That's awesome...but these days, they care less about new products and services and are focused on addressing specific and urgent needs. I'll show you a strategy to command their attention and make it almost impossible for them not to give you and your products serious consideration.

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